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Sons of Ray

both brought up in the paddock, surrounded by classics.


playing between the vans of bob heath, the halslams, the jackson, the swallows etc.. and collecting load of bob hjeath stickers.


spent most of the time travelling round with dad, visiting customers, routing thru garages, playing in the unity store room, fabricating toys at unibend.


helping rebuild dads race bikes at night, putting on stickers, cleaning with mr sheene!


building and riding our own classic trials bikes at a young age.


keen interest in anything old, especially old bikes.


ben sheet metal, design.


tommy trained mechanic.


passion to make sure old bikes are still around for the next generation.


keep reputation of dad and grandad.


sell pipes that fit....... same reasons as why dad and randad started up.


30years later and still no change.


Ben has a degree in Automotive design and Technology and his previous experience in sheet metal work, technical drawing and laser profiling together with his inbred fascination for all things mechanical lend well to the new business. 



 We strive to see traditional techniques used long into the future and the bikes looking and riding as they should

Tommy Bench
Tommy Strap
Ben Torch
Ben Book
Ben Work Bench

Vintage and Classic Competition Specialists

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