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Handmade Exhaust Systems

Hand crafted exhausts, made using traditional methods

When we were boys, dad was our hero. Whilst most fathers are to their sons, Ray was something special, always the coolest character in the room, he had an aura that attracted people to him, we knew it even then and we're reminded of it constantly by those who knew him. For us as children, to have a father who raced and worked on motorbikes amazed and inspired us, whilst most parents worked in mundane jobs just to get by, dad lived his dream every day

We knew all about his racing, but we were too young to fully understand his or our grandfather Peter Lee's business and history, after Rays untimely passing and as we grew into men, we learnt more about how he'd created Unibend Engineering to supply parts to grandads shop Unity Equipe. They'd built quite a reputation, working closely together to produce the best of handmade exhausts and accessories, all the time amassing patterns and tooling to perfect their work

After the retirement of our grandfather in 2011, we realised it was our time to carry forward the family business. We literally couldn't bring ourselves to let all their hard work come to nothing, and more importantly for us, we couldn't let the reputation, legacy and memory of our late father fade from existance
In his image, Raysons UK was born, committed to fulfill our fathers dream, whilst making our grandfathers vintage hand fabrication techniques available to future generations 

Raymond John Hardman 1960 - 1997

Vintage and Classic Competition Specialists

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