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Race Equipe & Aftermarket Parts

Until recently, we only fabricated aftermarket parts for stockists and the lucky few who knew of our services, but our dream has always been to recreate a race equipment shop that emulates the legendary shops of the past, drawing inspiration from the likes of John Tickle and Colin Seeley, we want to grow our business into a brand, more so, into one renowned for its high quality parts, attention to detail and a familiar classic style.


Starting with just a handful of well revised universal parts, we've taken our first steps into the world of online sales and set up an online store, hoping to eventually fill the void of quality classic parts that's been left in the market. Whilst we will never brag about having the biggest stockpiles or largest range like our competitors, we will never let quality be compromised by a push for wider sales. And, whilst we do intend to add to the existing range of parts in due time, you can be assured they won't be available until we deem them perfect.

Our manufacturing process is a result of extensive research and conceptual construction, we combine the use of original patterns and samples from our extensive collection with research into parts of the past to design pieces that look periodically correct, with style as much a priority as function. As always we fabricate as much as we can in house, opting to stick to traditional fabrication methods wherever possible, to create a classic patina rarely found in machine manufactured parts. 

We currently stock mainly universal parts; Tank toggles & straps, Clip-on handlebars in various styles and Headlamp brackets. But we also have a few bike specific parts in stock; Triumph and Norton gearchange toggles aswell as Norton featherbed rear frame loops.

We've recently started to stamp all of our parts with our trademark 'R' logo, to ensure our quality parts are instantly recognizable. 

Vintage and Classic Competition Specialists

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