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Handmade Exhaust Systems & Components

Since we started Raysons UK, we've always intended to keep the fabrication of exhaust components at the forefront of our business, it's what fueled dads and grandads companies and we decided we should master their techniques before anything else. Their styles aswell as their methods represented their respective generations, whilst grandad excelled in artistic handbent vintage exhausts and replicating stock parts for rare vintage bikes, dad engineered popular cafe racer styles and tuned race systems. Together, they gave Unity Equipe possibly the most extensive range of components available at the time, but above all else, was a constant emphasis on making parts that fit. 

As for us, we pride ourselves on keeping a combination of the two, using them together to get the best out of each component we fabricate, and catering for every style. We chose to adopt a much more personal service, rather than keeping a large stock of every component, we use our extensive collection of original samples and aftermarket patterns to create one off pieces, easily adaptable to your needs.

Our goal is not only making parts that literally fit, we want them to fit the aesthetics of your bike and take into account your personal preferences, whilst we advise on what will suit its era and research its history, in the end, we want you to be as proud of our parts as we are. 

We're one of just a handful of fabricators to use sand bending for the majority of our pipes, enabling us to create beautiful free flowing curves and pipes that fit through the tightest of gaps. We also hand fabricate all of our silencers and megaphones, keeping attention to detail our main priority.

These traditional methods of fabrication not only create components that are bespoke and look periodically correct, but eliminate mandrel marks and lessen the time taken in design phase, as well as eradicating the use of pieced together pipes.

For examples of our bespoke exhaust systems, please check out our Gallery pages

Vintage and Classic Competition Specialists

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