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Pete the Pipe

Pete first found his love for motorcycles, when? while working as a?


working for unity full time and buying into the company.


making own silencers for vintage Bikes. exhaust advert


buys john tikcle via colin seeley, drawings, patterns, jigs, stock.


making parts for manx norton, As well John Tickle cafe racer item such as head lamp brackets and clipons.


Getting exhausts made by Jay Eng, who made pipes for Dunstall, Eddy dow ect.


sponsor race bikes, unity race team, dad john cronshaw etc.


jay dies, dad and grandad buy it up.


sells john tickle manx to Andy Molnar


dad dies following year.


grandad sells his half of unity but take manufacturing rights with him to unibend.


unibend now makes more than ever before. even some of dons sheet work.


Pete Lee. Neracar. Unity Stand
Unity Shop. Pete far Right.
Unity stand.jpg
Bike ubity manx.jpg
Unity Manx

Vintage and Classic Competition Specialists

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