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Exhaust P Clamp Hanger bracket, Various sizes, Vintage Classic Custom Motorcycle
  • Exhaust P Clamp Hanger bracket, Various sizes, Vintage Classic Custom Motorcycle

    Heavy Duty, Exhaust P- Clamps


    Made in Various sizes from 22mm to 50mm


    This is probably the most comprehensive range of P-Clamps on the Market.


    There is no other company that offers Clamps in all the sizes.


    I have been making Vintage exhaust systems for the last 12 years,


    Following from what my Father and Grandfather did before me.


    And in them 12 years i have spent many hours trying to fabricate these by hand.


    With many of my customers saying that they are hard to come by.



    So i decided it was about time that i made a tool to bend them, to help save me time at work.


    And to also help any one at home that may need one for their project.



    The P-clamps are similar to the ones that my Grandad used to sell in his World famous shop, Unity Equioe.


    And are designed with longer legs, so that the buyer can alter them to fit the bike before getting them chromed.



    At the moment they have all been made from the same 12 inch long blank. 


    So the leg length decreases as the Bore size increases, but i plan to make them all around 8 inches long, when i make my second batch.


    All fitted with a short M8 Nut and Bolt. (Holes size will fit a 5/16s UNF)



    Please state which size you require, I will list the sizes below. ( the smallest size has a leg length of 8 inch)


    P-Clamp 1 - 7/8s or 22mm


    P-Clamp 2 - 1 inch or 25mm


    P-Clamp 3 - 1_1/8th or 28mm


    P-Clamp 4 - 1_1/4 or 32mm


    P-Clamp 5 - 1_3/8s or 35mm


    P-Clamp 6 - 1_1/2th or 38mm


    P-Clamp 7 - 1_5/8s or 41mm


    P-Clamp 8 - 1_3/4s or 44mm


    P-Clamp 9 - 1_7/8s or 47mm


    P-Clamp 10 - 2 inch or 50mm


      Vintage and Classic Competition Specialists

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