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Ray the Racer

A young Ray at Oulton Park
Ray's Unity B50 outside his Workshop
Rays first Racing Helmet
Ray in his last Race, Scarborough 97
Ray's 350cc Unity/Tickle Manx
Ray on Stan Robinson's Goldstar
Ray racing his 500cc Tri-Macchi
Ray on Holiday in France
Ray on his Unity B50 at Oulton Park
Rays Modified 5speed B50 Engine
Rays hand built Seeley 5speed B50
Ray and Mick Payne, Aintree 1983
Ray, Illegal testing in Yorkshire
Carnaby 1979
Unity Tickle 350 Manx Aintree 1983
Cadwell Park 1980
Ray on his Unity B50
Ben, Ray and Tommy at Chester Zoo
Houghton Tower Sprint Tri-macchi 500
Ray #423 and Ted Hubbard #23 Daytona
Houghton Tower Sprint Rudge 350
One of Ray's Gawthorpe Honda
Ray on Ted Hubbard's B50 at Daytona
The Gawthorpe Honda team, Early 90's
Tommy and Ray, Bedtime Stories
Ray's hand built Unity B50 Racer
One of Ray's Gawthorpe Honda
An early photo of Ray's Tri-Macchi
Ray on his 30th birthday, April 1990
Wife Gail, stood with Rays New Honda
Rays Escort van and Tri-macchi racer
Ray aged 19 Cleaning his Rudge Racer
Ray BSA B50 Daytona 1994
Ray on his Unity/Tickle 350 Manx
Ray Unity BSA B50 Aintree 1983
Robinsons (Rochdale) sponsored Honda
Ray #48 Carnaby/Elvington
Ray always on two wheels
Ray, Daytona 1994
Ray, on his mate brand new Yamaha
Ray Gawthorpe Honda K4 Cadwell
Stan Robinson's Maxton Yamaha
Geoff, Ray's Honda Mechanic, and Ray
Ben And Ray Oulton Park 1990
Ray's Tri-macchi, Sponsored by Sid
Ray's Rudge, Sponsored by Sids Place
Ray's first Road Bike, Honda CB350
Rays B50 and Tickle Manx at the back
Ray sat in his race truck, 1980
Ray's big blue CB900
More Illegal Testing Yorkshire Dales
Ray on a Holiday in Majorca
Unity Equipe sponsored Tickle Manx
Ray and John Cronshaw Olivers Mount
Rays standard B50 Racer at Oulton
Rays 30th birthday 1990 Oulton
Ray on the Unity 350 Tickle Manx
Tickle Manx the Pete built for Ray
Ray #35 Photo. Mike Dowkes
Hosey #29 Ray #11 Gawthorpe Hondas
Ray's home built Unity BSA B50
Ray Hardman, Stott Triumph
Bob Smith Weslake, And Ray
Ray Illegal testing, Hardman Racing
Olivers Mount 20th Anniversary
Rays B50 and one of his Exhausts
Rays 20th Anniversary 14th Sept 2017
Ray's Seeley Framed 5-Speed B50
Outside Rays 'Unibend' Workshop
Ray and Ben, Dad and Me, at Grandads
Ray outside his Childhood home
Unity 350 Tickle Manx, Oulton Park
Ray's Unity 350 Tickle Manx
Ray's Gang. Ray on the left
Ray on Ted Hubbards BSA B50, Daytona
Ray's Standard 4Speed B50

Vintage and Classic Competition Specialists

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